York Manufacturing - Weep-Armor™

Product Summary

Weep-Armor™ by York Manufacturing, Inc. is a free-draining mesh, made from polymer strands that will not degrade within the wall cavity. This wicking fabric is designed to keep weep holes clear of mortar droppings and debris. When placed in the cavity on top of the through-wall flashing at the base of a wall, the Weep-Armor shields and provides water a path to the weep hole vents. Weep-Armor does not oxidize, rot, support mold or fungus, or react with common building materials, including mortar, cement, asphalt, polyurethanes, polyether, silicones, modified bitumen, PVC, copper, steel, or galvanized metal. The material is highly resistant to UV degradation and will not clog with mortar or debris.

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